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Marie Khairo

This was an extremely interesting, informative, enjoyable and above all incredibly useful workshop and I look forward to putting some of the techniques I’ve learned today into practice. Adding that Abed is a very effective, knowledgeable and professional trainer. Thank you Abed for the efforts and good luck!


Mohamad Karhani

Feeling grateful for all the info and realistic techniques. Info that is very applicable to the market and life career.


Sarah El Khoury

Abed really helped me enhance my digital skills by finding the perfect balance between theoretical concepts and practical work. His courses are intensive, effective and cover exactly what you need to know in the digital world.


Ralph Bou Hanna

As a person with no background in digital marketing i found this bootcamp really helpful and i was able to understand everything. I learned a lot from Google ads to Facebook ads manager which will be really helpful for me in my professional career. Even though the shortage of time, the information were really well given and i feel that i am now able to create campaigns on any of these platforms.


Riman Jurdak

Abed has a strong grip on the material he is presenting. He is knowledgeable and has the power and capability to engage others. He is friendly and cares to help out in any way possible… I highly recommend him.


Mhamad Tajideen

Well, it starts from the name of the course which is Digital Marketing on a budget. it is on a budget since its cost is a lot less than any course out there with such material and this bring me to the next point. Digital marketing is not only social media and in fact it is the least important, so Abed knew that and did not go with the trend but rather he chose to teach the right efficient way. I’ve learned a lot from the course and I’d recommend to anyone with no exceptions.


Amar Farhat

I really enjoyed the Digital Marketing course. Mr. Abed is emotionally intelligent, very patient, genuine and most importantly cares about creating a long lasting bond with all the attendants in the course. His delivery was excellent and the material was very well organized, attention grabbing and engaging. They will stick to your mind as long as you stay committed to what you’ve learned.


Amani Majed

Abed helped me understand Digital Marketing in a very professional way and most importantly showed me how to think in Digital Marketing which will help me improve my business.


Mouhib Kassar

Abed is excellent in digital media. He knows how to guide and motivate all those around to reach their personal or business digital media objectives. You can definitely count on him for advice, or training to become more professional and conquer your digital world.


Maya El Tal

Abed is an inspiring trainer & digital marketing expert. In class he conveys his depth of knowledge in creative and engaging ways to motivate all participants. His courses are incredibly interesting, beneficial and highly practice-based. Abed personal’s strength are as impressive as his intellectual abilities; He’s kind of driven, creative and very active person with a great influence.


Diana Arabi

I learned a lot of information in the course and it was very beneficial to my career.


Ahmad Dirani

Abed is someone who gives it all. He delivers all his know-how and knowledge to his students and participants. His workshops are informative, practical and fun at the same time.


Danai Ibrahim

A dynamic leader, Abed keeps you engaged and works on each and every one of his students ability to teach them the know how’s of digital marketing.


Ghassan Kallas

Within the fast pace ever changing digital media world, Abed ensures a rigid foundation is implemented in each one of us. To these invariable basics, he simultaneously adds all aspects of current updates.


Christelle Kheir

It is the perfect introductory course to digital marketing. It allowed me to have a good understanding of the digital marketing options and to determine what I should be focusing on to improve my business.


Manale Haddad

One of the best training i have attended, the topics are really important and helpful for my daily tasks.


Aya Ghuneim

Abed is someone very passionate about digital & adding to that his teaching skills are very professional, fun and memorable


Fatima Shoukeir

Getting to know Abed Jrab is amusing and beneficial, both at a time! A friendly and cooperative person, with a huge quiver of information.


Yesser Tayara

Abed does his best to keep the material well presented and the learning environment entertaining and interesting, also very friendly and patient.


Hamza Sabeh

The classes were stimulating, engaging, fun and great value for money.
Abed never fails to impress teaching us something new and essential to take with us to work and to enlighten the knowledge of people who do not know about Digital Marketing. I recommend anyone who is also not interested in this industry to take part in these sessions. It will definitely pay off in any business you are in!


Sonia Dhaybi

Abed did a great job by letting me understand the importance of Social Media and Digital Marketing in general for business growth.
The workshop was very helpful,very informative and you can feel the care of Abed by the efforts and follow up even after the course.


Tala El Kadi

Abed is extremely knowledgeable in his field and is continuously updating himself with all the new trends in digital media and online marketing. He is also a very effective trainer where he succeeds in teaching his colleagues and team mates all the tips and tricks.


Abdul Rahman Deryan

Abed is always ready regarding his presentations and ready to listen to your questions and answer them accordingly. He got a high level of knowledge in his field. He’s friendly and ready to help at anytime


Sarah Sukkar

Extremely useful training that I enjoyed digging deeper. The interactive course outline was very effective, not to mention that Abed was very reliable and professional.


Christine Saifi

Extremely professional & knowledgeable
Makes the class pass by smoothly
Never seen a teacher more patient!


Hamsa Moubayed

One of the most interesting courses you can learn about. It is a very interactive class where you get to see real life examples and real results thus enhancing your business.


Ali Safieddine

Abed is very professional and knowledgeable at the given topics. Highly recommended course to increase your knowledge in Digital Marketing!


Bashar Amin

The course material is perfect and well explained.


Alaa Kais

The digital marketing bootcamp was so beneficial tackling the major aspects of digital marketing in which Abed shared his knowledge and experience in a clear way.


Mahmoud Daoud

Learned a lot of techniques to boost the performance of my page. In addition, Abed teaches you a new way of thinking in this digital world.

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