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Increase your Instagram followers - Organically

Increase your Instagram followers - Organically in 2023
Increase your Instagram followers - Organically in 2023

With Social Media taking over our lives, who doesn't want to increase Instagram followers and improve his/her account?

Gaining followers is like building up your own online community; by increasing Instagram followers, you will increase traffic to your business' site, ensure a better sales force, and if done on a personal level, turn you into an online influencer.'

After Covid, people are highly focusing on improving their social media presence by growing online through increasing Instagram followers, engaging content, building close relations with people, inspiration...etc.

If you are seeking to know the inside tricks to increase Instagram followers, here is what you need to focus on:-

  1. Optimize your bio, introduce yourself or your business in a way that is easy for people to know you and search for you.

  2. Stay up to date with trends by posting reels, carousels, and posts.

  3. Optimize your captions to make them easier for search purposes.

  4. Create engaging and relatable content that people may share with their stories, or with their friends.

  5. Make sure to give the people what they want, meaning to add value to their lives whether through a product, service, or even inspiration.

  6. Collaborate with brands or influencers that have the potential in raising your name

  7. launch giveaways on certain events or even random giveaways that way you will increase traffic to your platform and increase Instagram followers.

  8. Stay consistent: make sure you post at least 3 to 4 times a week. The more consistent you are, the more you can increase your Instagram followers.

  9. Always engage with the audience in every way: comments, DMs, story replies, reposts...etc. always show the people that you care and you appreciate their support.

These 7 steps are a guaranteed step forward to promote your platform organically, without having to boost or promote any post and even without having to launch a paid campaign. When you dedicate your time to content that is relatable, practical, and of the added value of any kind, people will become more curious about what is coming next and will want to keep on following you and persuading people to follow you to know more.

Now that you are familiar with these easy steps, you can increase Instagram followers in no time if followed accurately.

The above is the guaranteed first step forward in order to promote your platform naturally, without the need to promote or promote any post, and even without the need to launch a paid campaign.

When you dedicate your time to relevant, actionable, and value-adding content of any kind, people will become more curious about what you have to offer next, and they will want to follow you and also convince others to follow you because you offer what they are interested in.

Effective ways to increase the number of followers on Instagram:-

We are still reviewing together the different ways in which you can get the largest number of followers through the social networking site Instagram, and among those methods are the following:-

  1. Determine a clear strategy for your profile:-

  • You have to accurately define your account activity and proceed from this point.

  • For example, if your Instagram account promotes a restaurant, it will be different if it is an account for food and general cooking recipes, and it will also be different if it is an account for a chef.

  • So your goal of owning the account will be an influential factor in attracting followers, as defining the goal has a significant impact on the growth of any private social networking site.

  1. Exploit your online presence on the platforms:-

  • Of course, you do not use Instagram only, but you have another website, or a channel on YouTube, and there is no doubt that you have a website on Facebook, and from here you can promote your website on Instagram through these platforms by placing your account link on your website page as well as the contact us page.

  • For example, you can say: In the list above, you will find all my social media links, including Instagram, and here is one of the most important posts on my account, so I advise you to make sure to follow me so that you do not miss my posts in which you will find what you are interested in.

  1. Use hashtags:-

  • Who among us does not come across every moment while browsing Instagram a post or story with hashtags? Of course, this movement is very important and at the same time useful, as it brings you a huge number of users in one place, which is the hashtag.

  • For example, put hashtags such as #Egypt #Saudi Arabia, when any user around the world enters this hashtag. He will see your post among the photos and videos that were published on this hashtag. From here you can gain distinguished interaction on your account in a guaranteed and legitimate way, especially if the hashtag is a trend in the platform.

  1. Understand how Instagram algorithms work:-

In order to make Instagram help you get more and more followers, you have to understand how the algorithms of the site itself work.

As for the definition of algorithms, it is a set of code commands that social networking sites, including Instagram, rely on to determine how publications appear in front of the right users at the right time.

There are three main factors that Instagram algorithms rely on to achieve the goal of attracting followers, and the following is an explanation of them:-

First: The relationship between the Instagram user and the owner of the content: –

  • The user's relationship is stronger and the more he interacts with a particular account on Instagram, the more algorithms place any publication of this account in front of the same user, thus ensuring his permanent presence in following this account.

  • Meaning, if a user posts, likes, or comments on a specific account's posts, Instagram will make any post for that account reach the user's first Feed constantly because he interacted with it.

Second Attention:-

  • Instagram has very advanced capabilities that help in reading written content and recognizing the quality, colors, and components of images, all through artificial intelligence.

  • Hence, Instagram can identify the content that each user prefers, so it searches for the best posts that have collected interaction, which is similar to the posts that the user interacts with and puts in front of him.

  • The matter is similar to what happens on YouTube, which identifies the types of videos that the user prefers. For example, if he likes songs, he will find YouTube suggesting music videos of the same quality that he watched and always find them in the suggested videos box.

Third: The timing of publishing the content:-

  • Instagram knows the time that each user spends on it. Whoever spends three hours a day on Instagram, the site treats him different from those who spend only half an hour. Therefore, Instagram is concerned with the timing of publishing content, as it arranges the content for each user according to its novelty and the volume of interaction on it.

  • For example, if the user follows 40 people on Instagram and uses the site for half an hour, Instagram will place the recent posts of those accounts in front of the user according to the content that he interacts with the most, and also according to the time of publication, so the more recent the content, the more Instagram will put it in front of users when they open the application directly immediately.

Now that you are aware of these easy steps, you can increase your Instagram followers in no time if you follow them carefully, and we do not advise you to try to increase followers by buying users or in any illegal way. The real criterion for your growth on social networking sites is the content that you provide, Whenever this content is unique and attractive, you will have a presence and followers, and of course, you will achieve the main goal, which is financial profit.

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