How to Generate Leads on TikTok

As a marketer, you have undoubtedly heard of the socially influential TikTok platform, which is now the third most downloaded application worldwide with 500 million monthly active users. 

The video-based social app has great marketer potential, particularly because it is widely popular with the Gen-Z and millennial demographics. However, given its prospective, many marketers are unsure as to how to handle marketing on the app. 

Of course, several brands are already making headway on TikTok — similar to Chipotle which has more than 55 K fans on TikTok, while the NBA has an impressive 5.1 million. 

However, despite a handful of early adopters, the majority of advertisers still haven’t figured out how to monetize TikTok… or whether it’s even worth it.

If you are planning to invest in TikTok in 2020 I’ve got you covered. Visme compiled a Tiktok-related infographic with 10 steps to generate leads. Take a look to see whether you are interested in testing those steps with your own social team.

But first — why use TikTok to generate leads at all? 

There are some good reasons why TikTok could be a fantastic tool for generating new leads: 

1. Allows mobile-first campaigns 

It’s been proven that the 2010s is known as the mobile decade and there are no indicators of slowing or stopping. The number of mobile users worldwide is growing significantly, as even those from developing countries are beginning to get their hands on smartphones at rising rates. 

However, what specifically makes TikTok a platform of interest, alongside it’s growth and rates, is its easy-to-watch on mobile micro-videos.

Most mobile users nowadays, allocate time to watching short videos. According to Tiktok,  users can create 15-second videos at most. Therefore, it’s no shock seeing the growth of this platform over the years; as it provides a suitable mobile-friendly usage.  

In addition, the mobile format is relevant from an operational standpoint. You can operate a business right from your phone, so investing in a mobile app like TikTok can fit into your mobile-first campaigns right away.

2. For brands that target a younger market, it’s great

Since being launched, TikTok has made it a point to target younger viewers.  They grasped the user-behavior of the young target market and how they use social media applications differently, hence this directed the  majority of their features and campaigns . Very rapidly, the youth became addicted to the application.     

The number of TikTok online users grows at a phenomenal rate to this day, with a large percentage of those subscribers being in their late teens and early 20s. 

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This information is particularly important for companies that seek to reach a younger audience. And besides, the younger demographic will be the market with the most purchasing power in the future — in reality of course, it is already set to reach around 40 percent in 2020.



3. It allows you to produce genuine content for your brand

Genuineness matters, particularly to millennials and Gen Z. Keeping things real and genuine is essential to getting buyers to believe that your business does more than just getting consumers to buy products. 

Doing so might be challenging but focusing on narration is a great start. Focusing on storyline shows your business goes beyond money and amplifies things to the human element. 

In brief, genuine brands attract quality leads. And with TikTok laying the groundwork for genuine brand building — namely with content creators who have immense influencing power — this platform is the place to be.

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