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2022 Growth Guide on Instagram

Updated: May 17, 2022

Social Media is becoming business owners and individuals’ best friends; especially Instagram. So, Get ready for a year that will help you grow your Instagram Account and prosperity with this easy guide to help you grow quickly and smoothly on Instagram.

If you think growing your Instagram account is hard, well think again. all you need to reach your desired goal is linked to how consistent and dedicated you are to growing your Instagram account.

This “Grow your Instagram Account” guide will take you to step by step to build up a better Instagram presence.

The first thing you need to focus on is the daily Formula to grow your account, or you can refer to it as a timed to-do list on a daily basis. all you need is to dedicate one hour to your day to spend it on your Instagram account and you will get one step closer each day towards your goal.

How to Grow your Instagram Account with The one Hour Formula:

  1. Comment on accounts that you believe are similar to yours (they can be big accounts or small accounts), for example, you want to become an influencer on IG, so you go to the influencers who inspire you and engage with their photos with likes, comments and maybe share their content.

  2. Engage on posts that have been recently added to the most trending hashtags today in your area. Here is how to know what hashtags are trending :

  3. First, you have to search for the words related to your niche (fashion, digital marketing, services, eCommerce, etc…)

  4. Then, if the photos tagging the hashtags are relevant then you’re doing a great job.

  5. After that, you will recognize a lot of hashtags related to the niche/field; choose between 15 and 30 hashtags that match your niche and start using them on your posts.

  6. Interact on live videos (of course those you believe are added value to you), watch the video, ask some questions, leave your comments and interact with the people from the same niche.

  7. Post content that adds value to the people around you or inspires them; remember always offer assistance and add value to the people even if you are on Instagram to boost sales; show the people that your product adds value rather than just convincing them to buy.

Refer to your insights to check what content is doing better, what time, and when to post.

These simple steps will help other people know more about you and will automatically lead to growing your Instagram account.

Growing your Instagram account is highly linked to dedication and consistency; just focus, and remember to be yourself and offer help in every way possible.

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