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🛑 Attention: If you want to boost your business, learn a new skill or leverage the power of AI, this bootcamp is for you 🚀

AI Digital Marketing Bootcamp 2.0
In-person Live

Discover AI's potential in Digital Marketing with our cutting-edge bootcamp. Unleash data-driven strategies, elevate campaigns, and become an AI-savvy marketer. 🚀

In-Person: USD 497

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Become an AI Practitioner in Digital Marketing

Learn from the top digital marketing experts how to launch campaigns across Google, social media and other platforms with the help of AI technologies.

Bootcamp outcomes

✅ Be able to build a digital marketing strategy for any brand

✅ Understand your target audience

✅ How to use AI tools to save time & money

✅ Get leads and sales from social & Google campaigns

✅ Get real experience with all main platforms through

✅ Hands-on workshops

✅ Be able to manage your digital team or agency

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About The Bootcamp

Complete Strategy & Best Practices for the Region

Get hands-on training from our instructors with case studies and practical strategies tailored to the MENA region and beyond. Learn to develop marketing plans for B2C and B2B, measure goals, track Return on Investment (ROI) and plan a growth strategy.


Learn how to build a plan and grow sales for any type of business

Learn how to build a complete marketing plan with Search Ads, Social Media, SEO, Content Strategy, Email Marketing, Drip Campaigns, Retargeting, Analytics, Reporting, and how to optimize your website to get more conversions!


Career Opportunities and Support

After completing the course you will get a chance to join AstroLabs Talent database to be notified about the best digital marketing job opportunities in the region. We’ve recently hired marketers for companies such as Noon, TikTok, Alshaya, Swvl, or Sarwa. Our team will be there to support you on your career path.

What You'll Learn

Platforms Covered

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What is Included?

18 hours of practical digital marketing

Access to all presentations and materials

1-hour Free consultancy session

with Abdel Kader (worth $150)

Access to our exclusive Facebook group

30 digital marketing prompts for ChatGPT

5+ Templates to effectively plan your campaigns and content

Whos is it for?

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, startup founders

Do you want to learn how to get more customers for your business? Whether you are in B2C or B2B, you will get practical tips you can apply for your business directly during the course! In every course, we welcome several soon-to-be founders who are now thinking how to start their own business and want to learn how digital marketing can help with that.


Career switchers and job seekers

Do you have no experience in digital marketing and want to learn how to enter this booming industry? This course will get you a basic understanding of all main channels and your first hands-on experience for you to be able to apply for your first jobs or internships.


Marketing Professionals

Are you a seasoned marketer but never really worked in digital? You know that things have changed and want to become relevant? Do you want to be able to effectively manage your team or agency? Join this course to learn how to apply all of your marketing skills in an online world.


Meet Your Trainer


Abdel Kader Jrab is a Digital Marketing Professional with over 13 years of experience in the field, he specializes in Social Media, SEO, SEM, Email, and e-commerce. Abdel Kader is the Co-Founder of (An online fashion retailer in UAE and KSA), a Lead Trainer at AstroLabs, one of the biggest academies in the Middle East and owner of "The Share of Voice", a digital marketing agency in Dubai, UAE.

Other than the experience acquired through the years, he is a Master's Degree holder and a Certified Digital Marketer from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) in Dublin, Certified Meta Lead Trainer, and Google Ads Certified.

13+ years of experience

4000+ students & professionals trained

Current Lead Trainer at


Former Digital Marketing Trainer at


Some Credentials


Bootcamp Schedule



This was an extremely interesting, informative, enjoyable and above all incredibly useful workshop and I look forward to putting some of the techniques I’ve learned today into practice. Adding that Abed is a very effective, knowledgeable and professional trainer. Thank you Abdel Kader for the efforts and good luck!

Marie Khairo

Frequently Asked Questions

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